About us

TKplus is a British company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of dental instruments and supplies.
After 18 years of travel, we have reached the age of majority, opening our first physical store in Valencia.
Our goal is to provide you with a careful and complete selection of instruments and material for dental clinics and laboratories at an excellent price-quality ratio.
We are in constant contact with our customers to continue improving the design and production of our instruments.
As producers of dental and sanitary instruments, TKplus covers the following specialties: dentistry, general surgery, veterinary medicine, podiatry.

Everything you need

We are aware that as a professional, you need a wide variety of instruments to choose from. That is why every year we update our catalog updating our range of products adapting to your needs.

Best value for money

We are manufacturers and we distribute our products directly, so say goodbye to all the extra costs of other stores.

Quality guarantee

We are committed to always trying to exceed customer expectations. With TKplus you have at your fingertips a wide range of dental instruments made of French-style stainless steel, they also have a 2-year warranty.

Customer experience

We are very sensitive to the needs of our clients, we love to hear everything you have to tell us so that we can then help you in all areas. Our focus is on being decisive and efficient, showing a true commitment to our clients.

Store availability

Generally, in our store we have in stock all the TKplus products that appear in our catalog. But in case we run out of one in just 2 days we will receive from our headquarters in London what we need.


If you are looking for a supplier of sanitary instruments, contact us and we will tell you without obligation what are the steps to start selling our products.

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